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Fanny Alloing - Plaster and Gauze Body Sculptures

Using materials such as plastered strips, silk and paper, French artist Fanny Alloing creates these beautiful body sculptures. Fanny started experimenting with moldings when she lost her beloved aunt, which caused her to think deadly about death and capturing emotion.

See more of Fanny’s sculpture at her website or Behance.

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Figurative Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

Bartek Elsner is a designer and art director based in Berlin, Germany. Among his projects I found this cardboard sculptures series very interesting. Sometimes indoor decorations, sometimes street installations.

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Egon Schiele, 1910.

I would like an Egon Schiele tattoo someday, his work is so simple and striking

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Today was my first time in the darkroom since June and oh boy did it feel good. A lot of people hate the scent of darkroom chemicals; I’m not saying I love them but they do bring the feeling of excitement and familiarity once the scents of the fixer and developer hit my nose. 

These are my first two darkroom enlargements since being back. Though the images seem simple enough to enlarge, it took me 3.5 hours to complete them both. When I went to purchase film for this shoot I asked the person behind the counter for 100 speed film and didn’t realize till after I’d already shot the roll and the model left that it was infact 400 speed (I still love the woman behind the counter though. she’s hella sweet). 

I frantically searched the development time for pulling T-max 400 two stops. Luckily I found out I had to process for 6 minutes and 45 seconds. For those of you that are unaware, when you pull film it causes you to flatten the image contrast, so to fight that I agitated the roll excessively to build contrast and bring details to the highlights (all shadow details are completed within the first minute or so of development but highlights take more time since that’s where the majority silver on the negative accumulates). The negatives came out great but that’s not where the issue came in. 

I lit these photographs using to Profoto heads on the same packs and both on full power. I didn’t pay enough attention to the decimal numbers on the light meter when I metered because both shoes were ever so slightly exposed differently Though slight, it was noticeable, so dodging and burning them to be the same and in addition burning in the heals of the right feet (they were a bit over exposed compared to the toes on both enlargements) took so long. 

Over all I’m truly happy with the results. Hope you guys enjoy!

And thank you Dina for modeling for me!

Hey, It’s my feet.


Today was fun. Started a bit rough but Vlad got some clips for Red Bull.


Digital test shot of Alison

Brooklyn, NY



A beautiful day with My little Cousins and grandmother at the beginning of today. 


You no longer have to be a scientist to understand the catastrophic impact of pollution its friend global warming. In California, we’re facing the greatest drought in recorded history; marine animals are choking on our collective waste amid mass plastic contamination in the ocean; in China last year, 16,000 pig carcasses were spotted floating down Huangpu River. Chinese-born, New York-based artist Cai GuoQiang reacts to global environmental catastrophes with his monumental exhibition, “The Ninth Wave,” currently on view atPower Station of Art, China’s first publicly-funded contemporary art museum in Shanghai. An interdisciplinary show filled with large-scale installations, ceramic works, drawings and even performance, “The Ninth Wave” examines the harrowing after-effects of rampant industrialization with finesse. Read more on Hi-Fructose.


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Stop, I keep forgetting we went to high school together

Lea Seydoux

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